Fall/Winter Wardrobe Planning Sewing Indie Month Additions

Apparently it is Sewing Indie Month this September! This is very exciting and a project well worth investing my time in, though it does cause me some small amount of consternation. I’d already decided on my sewing projects for this season (See previous posts Planning 1 & Planning 2), but none of the designers that I am using are participating in Sewing Indie Month! But when I saw that Idle Fancy, a favorite blog of mine, is hosting the Everyday Casual competition I decided to add a couple more projects to my already long list. These will get finished first, as the deadline for contest submissions is October 4th.Sewing Indie Month Additions

1. The Brightside Shrug by MIY Collection will be a perfect quick-sew project to help keep me warm and stylish while I work. I imagine that if the first iteration is comfortable I could end up with an entire closet full of these shrugs.

2. The Monaca Shirt by Waffle Patterns is gorgeous! It fits all my needs for at-home casual dressing: good drape, stylish design, shorter sleeves, roomy body… I’ll probably start on this one first due to the fact that it is discounted through the end of today.

3. This pattern is super cute! I’m not certain the Bronte Knit Top by Jennifer Lauren Vintage will fit my personality, but I love the sleeve/neck detailing. It’s a knit, so it should be quite comfy to wear, plus I’ll get to log some time on my serger 🙂

4. Last, but certainly not least, the Cosmo Maxi Skirt by SBCC Patterns is a dead ringer for a favorite Gap maxi skirt of mine that is getting a bit old and stretched out. Hopefully I’ll be able to whip up a couple of these quickly on the serger – I think they’ll be perfect lounge-at-home attire!

Sorry to change my plans so quickly on you guys, but hey, I only learned about Sewing Indie Month this morning… and with such cute patterns that match my needs how can I not participate? Anyone else gearing up for Sewing Indie Month? What are you making?



  1. Thanks for sharing not your sewing plans! I would like to sew all of those things so they are going on my already brimming autumn sewing plan list lol! Particularly love the shrug!


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